The self service portal procurement guide for housing professionals

Everything you need to know before procuring a self-service customer portal for your organisation

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From the eBook:

“A digital self-service portal provides tenants with instant access to commonly requested information and repeatable transactional services (like paying rent and reporting repairs) through a private, secure web based platform which can be accessed through any device at any time. It’s a customer contact channel that should work alongside existing communication mechanisms like phone, email and face-to-face for the benefit of tenant and organisation alike.

Successful portals become a channel of choice for tenants by offering a customer experience that’s better and more convenient than traditional channels like phone or face to face. As a result these self-service channels can create significant efficiency savings and free up customer facing colleagues to spend more time dealing with more complex, nuanced customer needs.

What you’ll get in this guide

We’ve leaned on our colleagues in the social housing sector and leveraged our 20 years digital experience to bring you a guide that helps you to answer the following questions:

  • Why do you need a new portal?
  • How to define the objectives
  • How to set timescales & allocate resources
  • Tips on selecting the functional requirements
  • What you need to build a vendor brief