Prioritise, action & measure your digital transformation programme

A guide to making digital transformation happen at your housing organisation

Franklin - How to prioritise action and measure your digital transformation programme - Cover

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From the eBook:

“Embarking on a digital transformation programme can be anoverwhelming prospect – but it needn’t be. While digital transformation affects everything from customer behaviour to business activities, models and ecosystems, a digital transformation programme shouldn’t remove personal interaction, or be an immediate, all-encompassing solution to all your organisational challenges.

It’s true that the eventual goal of digital transformation and channel shift is to leverage digital to dramatically change the organisation for the benefit of stakeholders and tenants alike – providing better customer service and access to information while optimising operations along the way. However, this can only happen through a special kind of alchemy, whereby the organisational vision, customer experience, processes and technology are all aligned.”

What you’ll get in this guide

We’ve leaned on our colleagues in the social housing sector and leveraged our 20 years digital experience to bring you a guide that covers:

  • Mindset - winning hearts and minds, bringing the whole organisation along with you on the journey and empowering teams to be digital champions
  • Planning - How to prioritise projects and roll out solutions that solve immediate problems quickly whilst keeping an eye on future needs
  • Delivery - Managing risks, putting the right people in place and keeping things on track
  • Measurement & Monitoring - the end is just the beginning, how to measure success and iterate to stay ahead