End-to-end repairs

Repairs related enquiries are likely one of the most common your organisation receives, and for good reason - it's one of the issues tenants care about most. Franklin offers the ability to provide a fully automated, end-to-end self-service repairs service for tenants that’s easy to manage and quick to implement

Track, Report, Diagnose & Schedule

Franklin offers a configurable repairs experience, focused squarely on the tenant but that's modular enough to flex into the IT setup at your housing association. Pick and mix from a range of options or combine them all for an end-to-end experience


Track active & historic repair jobs

Repairs tracking

Tenants can view upcoming repair jobs and see a history of all repair works on their property from the start of their tenancy - all filterable by date range. Communal repairs are also visible, showing planned works to shared areas like lifts, corridors and grounds. If scheduling is enabled, contextual options show allowing jobs to be cancelled and rescheduled.

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Send repair details via a form

Repair reporting

A simple form into which tenants can enter written details of the repair they want to report and upload photos from their device to help illustrate the fix needed. All submissions can be set up to send to an appointed email address via the back end CMS which can be picked up by your customer contact teams.

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Establish repair needs in seconds

Repairs diagnosis

A fully content managed diagnosis tool that tenants can use to search for a repair resolution and have results appear immediately or go down a diagnosis pathway to find an answer. Repair resolutions give the option to serve up useful self-help content for repairs the tenant can address themselves and when reporting a repair, SOR, Trade and Location codes can all be set up behind the scenes.

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Book a date & time for a repair job

Repair scheduling

The final piece of the fully automated repairs solution. Integrating Franklin with your contractor diary allows tenants to select a suitable appointment slot with the relevant trades right after diagnosis without leaving the portal. This end-to-end solution also allows appointments to be rescheduled later by the tenant if circumstances change.

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