Digital self-service for housing associations

Franklin is SaaS-based so your organisation's portal can be set up and ready in a matter of hours, with our API making integrations with your housing systems hassle-free. Once you're live, Franklin can handle the bulk of tenants rent and repair needs, freeing up your customer contact teams to spend time with the people who need it most


Up and running in hours

Rapid deployment

  • Portal ready to use within hours of the start of your subscription
  • Customers can self register and start self serving straight away
  • Easy admin tools make changing settings and applying customisation simple, fast and instantly deployable
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Full control over colours & fonts throughout

Custom look & feel

  • Apply your brand colours throughout
  • Set custom fonts via Google Fonts integration
  • Set custom background options
  • Apply your own brand logo across all pages
  • Set company information to display globally
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Integrates with your key housing systems

Connect Franklin to your housing systems for a seamless, end-to-end tenant self-service experience


Orchard     Capita     Castleton     Civica     Northgate     MIS-Active     Aareon     Microsoft_Dynamics     AllPay     Kirona     mears     cloud-dialogs     Manifest     MSSQL



Built on rock-solid & secure foundations

Safe & secure

  • SSL encrypts data transmitted within the solution
  • Hosted in the UK on dedicated infrastructure
  • ASP.NET enterprise level code architecture
  • API traffic secured with oAuth 2.0
  • Sensitive data encrypted at rest
  • Portal access secured by password authentication, hashed with HMACSHA256/ 128bit Salt
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Franklin - API connectors example diagram

Multiple integrations simplified & standardised


  • Real-time tenancy data, shared securely between you and your tenants
  • Standardised RESTful API can integrate with your business systems through custom connectors
  • If you replace a system, just swap out the connector
  • All traffic secured with SSL & oAuth 2.0
  • Not ready to integrate? Upload data in CSV format instead
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Pick a plan that works for you

Pick a subscription that works for your organisation and you can upgrade to unlock more features at any time. Subscriptions last for 12 month and start from Free.


Better self-service starts here

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