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An Introduction to Franklin

An introduction to our fully tenant-focused self-service portal, Franklin

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From the eBook:

“Franklin is a fully tenant-focused self-service portal for housing associations that allows customers access to routine, repeatable information and services, like paying rent and reporting repairs from any device at any time. Franklin has been created to help housing associations of all sizes free up their frontline customer facing-teams from routine work so that they can spend more time with customers who have more complex enquiries or needs.

What you’ll learn in this ebook

We’ve leaned on our colleagues in the social housing sector and leveraged our 20 years digital experience to bring you a guide that helps you to answer the following questions:

  • How does Franklin work for tenants?
  • How can Franklin work for your housing association?
  • What are Franklin's key features?
  • How does Franklin store data?
  • Costs

Ok let’s do this!