The self-service portal for housing organisations of all sizes

The Franklin self-service portal (made with love by Prodo) enables tenants to get access to routine, repeatable information and services like paying rent and reporting repairs, freeing your frontline teams to spend more time with those who need it most

The portal your tenants will love


Franklin is made with love by Prodo. Over the decades we’ve been working in the housing space, we’ve helped over 2.4 million tenants get better access to services from their landlords.

We’ve poured everything we’ve learned from thousands of user-focussed projects across 20 years both inside and outside the housing sector into Franklin, the self-service portal your tenants will love.

Franklin is different from the offerings of traditional self-service products in the housing space because it’s been built to meet the usability needs of tenants as well as fit in with the technical and functional requirements of your housing association. Because we're SaaS based, Franklin portals can be set up and ready in a matter of hours and our API makes integrations with housing systems hassle-free.


The Franklin team

Franklin operates as a distinct, agile team of project managers, designers, developers and customer success managers within the Prodo family.

As a team, we’re dedicated to the development of software solutions that help make people’s lives easier and we’re lucky to be able to draw on Prodo’s 21 year history of user-focussed digital projects.

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What we stand for

We believe the best way to add value to housing organisations like Prodo is to put the needs of the people it serves first. To that end we’re constantly developing, iterating and improving our product to stay ahead of tenant expectations.

That’s how the self-service tools we build make such a difference to housing organisations – they create a genuine channel of choice which frees up housing professionals from routine, repeatable tasks to spend their valuable time with the people who need it most.

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